Diana March - Caregiver

My husband Charlie was struck by a forklift at work and sustained a traumatic brain injury. The thing that was hard to watch was he would dwell on things that he was able to do before.

He couldn’t get past that like I can’t do this anymore or I have difficulties doing this, so it was really hard for him to accept it so it’s hard for me to watch him go through that process. NeuroPraxis is actually a lifesaver for us Charlie had been through various programs and they were all group but NeuroPraxis was more tailored to him. So they came in the house I could tell the difference right away. At first he was apprehensive you was like I’m not sure that I want to do this, I may not like it, when the program started immediately I could tell the benefit and he felt much better.

He realised that he could still do a lot of things maybe not as quickly or sharply but he could still do things. As a caregiver you’re you’re making all the decisions basically so that was hard for me in the beginning sometimes you feel like you’re not making the right decisions but in the end I think the decisions I end up making lead me to NeuroPraxis and I’m thankful for that. It’s allowed him to realise that he can do a lot of things that he didn’t think he could do.

The strategies have been very helpful for him it’s just helped him be a happier person so it’s opened his eyes to a lot and mine to.