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The Coronavirus pandemic will be remembered for the destabilization of life as we knew it and birthing the era of keeping people healthy at-home enabled by connected devices.

Almost overnight, we saw our healthcare system flip from more than 90% in-person office, ER, or hospital visits to more than 90% at-home Telehealth visits. Commentators in healthcare note that 10 years of Telehealth development and adoption was squeezed into three months making it mainstream in the industry.

As a thought leader in the area of brain and spinal cord injuries, NeuroPraxis has utilized Telehealth as a core part of their participant engagement system for the past 5 years.

What the rest of healthcare is now catching up with on Telehealth has been a key component for the NeuroPraxis participant experience for years. As an early adopter of Telehealth, the company continues to integrate proven new healthcare technologies for better participant outcomes.