Guide for Life Skills Activities

Steps to navigate through the LSN Page:

1: Consult with the Occupational Therapist on the participants’ goals (attention, planning/organization, word finding, independent living skills, etc.).

2: Select the module with the correct label of the participants’ goal.

3: Assess the participants’ activity level by starting with the worksheets under “Beginner”.

4: Check for instructions and materials needed for specific activities (processing speed, learning/comprehension, etc.) prior to beginning an activity for the best results.

5: If the “Beginner” level is challenging for the participant, continue at the “Beginner” level until they are ready to move to “Intermediate” ; If the “Beginner” level is easy for the participant, move on to “Intermediate” and continue until they reach “Advanced”.

6: Take necessary notes on the participants’ activity performance to show progress being made.