Jesús Marquez - Participant

I used to work in construction. That’s how I got a head trauma.

When I had my injury, my life shifted upside down. It was so different when I got out of the hospitals and the rehab centers.

There was dark times at that time. They let me go to live in my own apartment but I still need some help at that time, I needed help still. And that’s when my case manager, oh we’re gonna do it, we’re going to go to NeuroPraxis. I’m like okay.

That’s when I got some real help, honestly.

That’s when I started. NeuroPraxis helped me, guided me to the real life. Like, that’s when I had assistance, how to go start going to the gym by myself. It helped me guide through life again, like real life. I couldn’t drive at the time, I had to go through the bus system. I had to go through all these systems. Like how to go buy groceries, how to go to school again.

They actually guided me to go to college again. It’s crazy. Before I came to NeuroPraxis there was sometimes where I felt like I wan’t going to make it. My life has changed but I’m adjusting to my life. I still keep on fighting for it because of NeuroPraxis. I love NeuroPraxis. I mean they helped me out a lot.