Seth Herman

Medical Director

Dr. Herman, NeuroPraxis’ Medical directory, is a distinguished physician in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Leveraging his profound knowledge and expertise in brain injury medicine, Dr. Herman enriches our team with an unparalleled combination of academic excellence and extensive clinical experience.

Dr. Herman is an extraordinary medical professional who has taken on a new role in addition to his position as the Medical Director of Traumatic Brain Injury, Physical Medicine, and Rehabilitation at the renowned California Rehabilitation Institute. This esteemed institute is a unique collaboration between the Cedars Sinai Hospital System and UCLA, representing the highest level of scholarly and clinical cooperation in the field.

Dr. Herman’s scholarly pursuits and research interests revolve around enhancing functional outcomes for patients with traumatic and acquired brain injuries, as well as functional neurological disorders. His comprehensive approach addresses a range of challenges, including poor sleep, pain, and spasticity, as well as neuro-endocrine dysfunction and cognitive, physical, and emotional deficits. With a focus on the whole patient, Dr. Herman strives to gain a holistic understanding of their condition.