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Join Us for a Healing Session

Sign up for 60 minutes Healing Session: Monday, March 1, 6 PM (PST)

Dr. Krista Augius, DPT will lead a 60-minute deep healing session with the goal of reaching a calmer and more peaceful state of mind, body, and spirit.

The breath is our source of life.  It is the first thing that we do that marks our official entry into this world and it brings us vitality and energy into our cells and our bodies. The breath opens the energy channels in the body and allows us to access, release and revitalize energy centers where there has been either an excess or depletion.  In this way it helps to release stress and bring balance to the nervous system that has a positive effect on our thoughts, emotions, pain regulation, stabilizing heart rate, blood pressure, and feeling more centered in ourselves.

The breathwork in this class encourages the natural flow of energy in our bodies for optimal vitality and conscious awakening.  It is with a clear energy body that we are able to set and grow intentions for our lives for a pure manifestation of our life path.

Dr. Krista Augius is a doctor of physical therapy, yoga teacher, and artist who provides both holistic western and eastern-based treatments. As a graduate of USC as a doctor of physiotherapy, her knowledge of the physical body effectively identifies sources of pain, impairment, dysfunction, and illness and integrates energetic treatments for overall wellness. She has studied and been mentored in yoga in India, completed a certification in Kundalini yogic science, and furthered her studies with a monk in the mountains of Chile.  As an artist, her artwork explores themes of the ethereal spirit, human perception, and nature through subjects of abstract expressionism, mythical portraiture, and optical illusion.  Her unique and personal approach combines art, physiotherapy, Craniosacral therapy, Reiki, Yoga, Pilates, breathwork, and music that create a comprehensive creative dimension to manifest wellness.

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