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Finding Purpose After a Brain Injury

Finding purpose can provide us a sense of worthiness and control in our lives. It can help us accomplish our goals, pursue our dreams, and feel happier about ourselves. It can give our lives meaning and a purpose to live. However, finding purpose following a brain injury may be challenging. What was once familiar may be unclear. You may feel lost and confused. There may be changes in your roles, in your family dynamic, in your personal relationships, and in your daily routine that you may struggle to understand. You may have difficulty coping with your limitations and accepting the changes. However, with time, commitment, and courage, you can overcome these challenges and regain purpose in your life. Some strategies to help find purpose after a brain injury include: 

  • Changing the way you view about yourself. You are not defined by your brain injury or what others say about you. You are still your own person despite the changes you are experiencing.  
  • Being aware of your limitations. Being aware of your limitations will help you learn how to live and function with what you have and can do in the moment. By adapting to your limitations, you can start your journey of finding purpose more easily and smoothly.  
  • Coming to acceptance. Life events occur in unexpected ways that we cannot control. By accepting these changes, you may find peace within yourself and be able to move forward with your life. 
  • Engage in meaningful activities. Do what you like to do in the way that you can. It can be a great reminder of what activities are meaningful to you, why are they meaningful to you, and how they give your life purpose.  
  • Explore your interests. Reflect on what you’re interested in, whether it is gardening, politics, or exercising, and it can reveal the things that may also give your life purpose.  
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Find people who have positive mindsets and who believe in you. Being around positive people can help you find motivation and even inspiration to make positive contributions to yourself or others.  




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