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Neuropraxis to Exhibit at TBI Med Legal in September


LOS ANGELES, CA, — Neuropraxis, an outcome-oriented home, and community brain injury program announced that the company will be exhibiting at TBI Med Legal, September 23-26th. Presented by the Brain Injury Association of California, TBI Med Legal provides educational programming to medical and legal professionals serving brain injury survivors.

About Neuropraxis

NeuroPraxis is bridging the gap in the continuum of brain injury rehabilitation by providing individualized outcome-oriented programs and evidence-based practices that are geared toward preventing long-term risks, such as re-hospitalization, further complications, and skill regression, that often occur after other extensive and costly brain injury rehabilitation programs.

What NeuroPraxis does for personal injury and workers comp lawyers is give credibility to the injury that cannot be seen. Our partnership strengthens TBI cases by giving better insight and transparency into the injury.


BIAA is the nation’s oldest and largest brain injury advocacy organization, and has an over 40-year history as the leading expert in brain injury science, care, treatment, and advocacy. BIAA is regularly sought out for its approval and support on a variety of matters with local, national, and global impact.

About TBI Med Legal

TBI Med Legal Conference is a 4-day event that has over 200 speakers, 75 sessions, and 12 tracks. It will offer hyper-focused discussions, live brain dissection labs, live spine procedure labs, live Q&A sessions.

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To set up an appointment learn more about Neuropraxis at the event please contact:

Tracy Hammond


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